Lovely Day

We are so happy to share these photos with you all!
This wouldn't be possible without the talent of our dear friend Dhanraj Emmanuel.
If you like what you see, we would be more than happy to put you in contact with him-
especially if you are in the southeast region.
His website is:
Another plug we would like to make is to Debbie Mock, a Charleston florist who came highly recommended.
She was down to earth and such a delight to work with, not to mention that she was completely up for our minimalist request which added the right touch to a beautiful day.
You can see more of her work here:
Want a soundtrack for the slideshow?
The song for our first dance (Thank you, Josh Read):
Bill Withers "Lovely Day"

A Message from October

On October 7 my mother sent me an email written by my father (Joe Davis).
I just want to elaborate for a second on my father: this is a man that does not have an email account and he definitely does not subscribe to any form of social media.  
He is an incredible back-porch storyteller, but he's not one to address the public.   
I would say his excitement during the wedding was at full tilt.  
He wrote these words almost immediately when he returned to Gainesville:

With a wide range of emotions during the wedding festivities, it came to me that I want to publicly "THANK" the folks that came and made the union of two very special people such a memorable time....
To Frank and Brigette Sterrett (forgive me, if this is misspelled)...
Words cannot express the feelings of joy and happiness we experienced together.  These will always be etched in our memory.  With extreme sadness, we had to leave and go home, back to our daily lives, but with a large smile on our face.  Again, "Thank you!"

To Susan and Jim and their families... 
We heard that the Radleys played a large role in making sure these two got together, what would have happened without your support?  We might owe you all a high five!  Thank you for suggesting that we gather on the Isle of Palms, we are so lucky to have our memories connected to your home town.  You all were so hospitable, we felt as though it were our own home.  "Thank you!"

To Judy, 
A big "Thank you" wouldn't begin to express our sincere gratitude, but a BIG, BIG THANK YOU! anyway.  
To the family members from France...
It was our extreme pleasure to have met you all and the feeling of togetherness as we shared at this event .... "Merci!"
To Grandmother.... (Edward, please translate!)
We feel we have met the sweetest person in the world!  With heartfelt joy and happiness... "Merci beaucoup!"
To the Gainesville and Agat families...
You know we love each and every one of you!  Without ya'll, we wouldn't have been able to make Friday night such a warm and happy time.  "Thank you, we LOVE you!
To Esther (Junie) and Rosa (Sissy)... (Two of the most precious people in our lives)....
To John, Jo Cruz (Primo and Prima) and the girls ...
To Norma, Keith and kids (Mali' and Pare')....
To Sam, Noel and Family...
Your support is immeasurable and we love you guys!
To Erika (our God-daughter)...
Thanks for being you!  Keep singing!
To Tyler and Jay, my sons...
You are my left and right arm!  I love you both.
To the wedding party (Bridesmaids, Best man)....
You ROCK!!
Note to Nick... Thanks for supplying the flag flown Friday... should be on Facebook somewhere.  So if you're ever down our way, won't you please drop by and also, place fruit juice orders 90 days in advance... LOL!!!
To Gail...
A lovely ceremony and delicious cakes!!!  Thank you!
Over the next few days or weeks, if I don't have the ability to focus or seem to be preoccupied, it's rough on a dad when the most precious person in your life, your baby girl, is grown and given to another.  When someone asked Micki .. "Why are all these people in your family, uncles, aunts, cousins, taking so many pictures?"  The response was, "In my family, I'm a big deal!"
To my baby...
"Damn right you're a big deal, a very BIG DEAL!
You have my heart forever and ever!
To Edward....
I don't think we could have hand-picked a finer person.
Thank you for being patient with our 'redneck' ways.  I'll only tell you the same thing my father-in-law told me....
"If you get tired of her or if she doesn't do what you tell her (because you are the head of household), just call me and I'll send you the ticket to send her home, no questions asked".
If I have forgotten any one, I'm very sorry, but a dad's tears make him forgetful!
.... and that's all I'm gonna say 'bout that.
So, to wrap this up... Maria and I feel we are the luckiest two people in the world.  With all our LOVE and prayers... GOD BLESS!
                                                                      Joe (Micki's Dad)
P.S.  Jay Boy and Tyler's, too.
and lucky enough to be married to the most wonderful woman in the world, my Maria!


Lots of friends came to help us get ready for the wedding, and make sure we didn't get lost on the way to the ceremony. There were some long awaited reunions and a lot of happy new acquaintances.  

*** NEWLY WEDS ***

What an amazing weekend of festivities! Our families, our friends, so many loved ones put so much energy into making this the best moment of our lives!

We are back at home now in Los Angeles, and looking through some of the samples from our dear friend and wedding photographer extraordinaire, Dhanraj, as we settle into our new life. We will be posting more pictures and stories from the wedding, as well as messages from the family, so stay tuned.


A Shower in Georgia

We had a lovely time at the Wedding Shower today!

Many thanks to Noel Davis, Norma Chandler, Sherry Davis and Maggie Beall
for creating such a wonderful atmosphere for us and our friends and family.

Thank you Megan and Brown Parcel Press!!

A big thank you to Megan and Brown Parcel Press for the beautiful letter press invitations.

We love them, and hope everyone else does too!


A Ceremony on the Beach at Isle of Palms, South Carolina